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Since we are portraying (more or less well) a section of the "Forgotten Army" in Burma (17th Indian Division, part of the 14th Army), we have the added luxury to not only draw on British rations, but also on quite a variety of US and Australian items. Currently, our reproductions include British 24-Hour Rations, Compo Rations, US Mountain Rations, US D-Ration bars (a splendid excuse to consume chocolates in the field :-) and US K-Rations. As we produce in fairly limited numbers, we tend to list a large portion of our more complete items (especially mountain rations and 24-hour boxed rations and U.S. 5-in-1 components) on eBay.


As we are doing research when not building rations or shooting (while eating rations...), we have started to add some neat articles on topics such as British and Commonwealth Small Arms, Rations and some cooking kit, and will be adding more articles for your reading enjoyment, such as U.S. Rations info, German Ration Info, Small Arms and Munitions, as well as miscellaneous write-ups about field kit. Have a neat article or pictures you would like us to post?

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