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18 Weeks and counting! (Side bar for all you history buffs--Eichman's trial for 6.000.000 deaths took 6 weeks!)
Interviewed the POW with the beard this afternoon. His message:
"Do not let anyone stop you from doing a super job for our vets. To those who have come out of the closet-Bravo!~~But what timing! :-)
Thanks for the rush to get Mr. H to the right place the first time!
To M2--Keep the change--It was worth every penny!
To the coffee club-Mes Dieux! I have discovered another worthy product!
Sorry for the full answering machine-Have a better one now. To curious little J-Yes, it really is a felony!
Again, best wishes to the "little helpers"--You have guts! :-)
DO NOT FORGET: Keep documenting!

The imprisoned wise one's comments to how he is holding up under the pressure of "Paid Administrative Leave" (AKA Witness intimidation):


"It is by will alone I set my mind in motion. It is by coffee that thoughts acquire speed – The shirts acquire stains – The stains become a warning-"

                                 Grandarse, while sipping VC Coffee

Unconfirmed press photo...

Yes--Grandarse under "house arrest" by his employer, ODVA since 11-16-06.
Charges are treason, sabotage and, get this...mind control? :-)
Ok, so it's not just 'the usual suspects'.
He testified in a federal court case, helped vets and co-workers, and now he's suspended (alas with pay) as a tool to "change his mind" on his testimony.
Of course, all who know G know that "Pigheaded" and "Meine Ehre Heisst Treue" may both be German phrases, after all.
For your willingness to tell the truth and not budge against bullies, we stand behind you, big guy,
The Knackers