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Dear Fellow Reenactors, Historians, Collectors and 'Just Curious' Chaps and Lasses!


In order to make some much needed improvements on this site, and provide better information (including a Q&A section that is publicly viewable), we need to spend more money than we have. 


Normally, Grandarse donated his 'tin' for the site, but, alas, he has been fired from his day job for testifying against his Agency Deputy Director in a Federal Lawsuit, so he's not able to help.


So, we are asking you, our friends to pass the helmet, bush hat, t’mershanter, Stahlhelm and Pickelhaube.


Its easy, and any help is appreciated, even a single dollar.


Donating is easy. Just click on this link to use Paypal. Your site will have improvements you will like.


We are also open to suggestion on what you would like to see. Please make sure to write a short note in the “comment to the recipient” field on Paypal.


Thanks-The Knacker Squaddies


Want to learn more about Grandarse's fight for Justice in Oregon? Click here!

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