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This was helped along when a copy of George MacDonald Fraser's "Quartered Safe Out Here" fell into our hands, and rapidly passed through the section. Needless to say, our kit is not at parade standard.

We are not trying to do this for looks. We are doing this in memory of the lads of the "Forgotten Army" and all the countless others on all sides of war's madness who did not come back to "Blighty", whose kit, incidentally, was often not at parade standard either.

Needless to say, we were having a jolly old time with  it, until we started looking at pictures of ourselves on the range one day and realized that with all the keen kit and weaponry, the sweets wrappers, hamburger boxes and soda pop cans were ruining one photo opportunity after another.  (I did mention that "Knackers" in British military jargon is a chap out of shape and not quite fit for duty...?)

So, the most recent stage of what our long suffering wives, family members and friends tend to call "our crazy stuff" began: Production of proper rations. Having served in the military in Europe in close connection with British units (both in the UK and Germany), George exploited his old chaps in the UK and elsewhere and sent them on a scavenger hunt of epic proportions: Get us pictures, scans, measurements, examples and descriptions of any and all ration related things you can find, so we can produce authentic rations for our "field" use.

You see the results both on these pages and on our auctions at, where we sell under the name of 'reprorations'--Enjoy!

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