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Welcome to the Footlocker. This listing is updated frequently, as we discover more goods to offer, and items are either one-of’s or very limited quantity (Please look at the "Quantity Available" Field Next to the item).

This is spare kit the knackers have acquired over the years and the patient “significant others” are making us part with some extras and duplicates. This is your chance to acquire some nifty kit for very little tin, and you may be able to trade for some of it, to boot!

Check Back Often!
New Stuff May Appear Daily!


Quick house rules:


1.       All items sold as is-No returns.

2.     All items strictly “first come-first served”. Should two buyers attempt to buy the same item, the one with the earliest transaction date/time code gets the item-the other an immediate refund on any monies rendered via Paypal.

3.     Email your questions about any given item to: Make sure to put “Duffle Bag” in the subject line.

4.     All non-ammo items shipped within 48 hours of payment received. Ammo gets shipped via UPS only once a week.

5.     Yes, you can combine all merchandise on this page for reduced shipping, but, sorry, YOU CANNOT COMBINE THIS MERCHANDISE WITH ANY EBAY WINNINGS OR REPRORATIONS.COM ORDERS. -The items are coming from 2 different facilities.

6.     Domestic Shipping: We only charge actual shipping, no handling, packaging or other kaggage. We will ship all non-ammo items via US Postal service, generally as priority mail. The Paypal shopping cart used has dollar-amount based shipping rates. We will automatically adjust any overpayment for shipping down, and refund amounts over $2 via Paypal, and amounts under $2 included you’re your shipment (Don’t throw out any envelopes enclosed with your gear!).

7.     Foreign Shipping: Please do not use the Paypal checkout. Email us with your needs and we will assess postage for you. Once you have emailed, we will hold the item for you.

8.     Some items require age verification or an ammo waiver. Please click on the appropriate waiver if purchasing ammunition or knives/bayonets etc. You can email the waiver separately from your order. Please just make sure to include a photo-copy of legal ID showing your age, name and address.

9.     Absolutely no ammunition sales out of country, or to locales or people in the US where this would be illegal. Reloading components such as inert projectiles or empty unprimed cartridge cases can be shipped to many countries. Please email first!

10.  All gun parts are sold as is, and have not been tested. In order to operate safely, please have any parts installed by a qualified gunsmith. We are not gunsmiths, and have no control over how you use any given item. This also goes for any other item we sell. Example: If you stick a mess-kit fork in your thigh, it is not our fault.  

11.   Ammunition—Use only in firearms designed for this caliber and type of ammunition, and in safe working order. If in doubt, check with your local gunsmith. Avoid needless tragedies by doing stupid stuff. No need to make the anti-gunners get more fodder for their propaganda.

12.  Trades: Yes, we will take trades on these items. Click here for our specific “Trades Wanted” List.

Check Back Often!
New Stuff May Appear Daily!