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This week’s stuff and additions:

 Remember--Email us if you want an item and do not want to use paypal--We will hold an item for you for 6 mailing days to get check or MO payments to us. After that, we will assume you are not interested. The email for holds will be checked once a day


French Bouthéon group feeding mess kit.

This item has been in use since WW1, and no French Reenacting unit can be without at least one. Whether you call them cuistots, ravitailleurs or hommes-soupes, whoever is fetching your chow or coffee, err, pardon, “jus” for your squad needs one of these. This particular one is made in the 1960’s (but, if you are not reenacting Algeria, you can buff away the date stamp and re-date it to any time period you need, as no change occurred to these large (6 liter) aluminum sets. Like new inside, storage scuffing outside, but a true bargain at $17.50. Only one available


British RAF trial version Plastic Water Bottle.

Perfect item for portraying a group of RAF Commo chaps in Malaya, Aden or Kenia. This rare bit of kit also comes with the Mug.


Quantity Available: 1 


East German Canteens-Camoflage and Insulated Varieties.

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