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Are you ever in a bind? Did you come home from an event late? Do you need a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas Gift on short notice, possibly already gift wrapped?
Well, we all have been in this bind, and one of the ladies who make up the silent (and not so camouflaged) half of the Knacker Squaddies has come up with the perfect idea for guys heading from the blockhouse to the doghouse:
Introducing custom-made affordable jewelry that you can have delivered gift wrapped to your day in 2-5 days (or, for a few bucks more within 48 hours guaranteed). Each piece is hand-crafted here in Oregon, and each piece can be ordered by itself, or with any order from The Footlocker page.
Please note--There are no shipping charges for any jewelry order if ordered with any item from the footlocker. So, get out of the doghouse and back in parade shape!

Only Shopping for Jewelry? Most any amount of jewelry will be shipped to any US Address via USPS priority mail for as low as $4.05.
Also--Please note: For only $1 More, you can get your Jewelry shipped in a gift-wrapped box, ready to deploy at a moment's notice!

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