Upcoming Features...
British Rations 1880's to 1918
German Rations 1871-1918
Austro-Hungarian Rations of World War I
French Rations 1914-1918
Upcoming Features...

The following items and articles are planned to be rolled out over the next 90-180 days:

1. Informational Articles:
a. Shooting the guns of the Boer War--A "Guns and Ammo" style Mausers, Lee-Metfords, Long Lee Enfield Rifles, Webleys and Cavalry Carbines of both sides.
b. Shooting the Guns of the Great War--Care and feeding (and, of course, plenty of pictures) of Enfields, Webleys, Mausers, Nagants, P08s and possibly a couple of Machineguns, such as the Vickers, Spandau and Lewis gun.
c. British Army Equipment--Who wore what how and when? And how does one take care of kit?  
d. Personal Stories--Short accounts of individual soldier's actions from the 1870's to the end of the First World War. This will include short narratives from German, British, American and Canadian soldiers.
f. Tools of Empire Building--The guns of the 1870's to World War 1. Identification, care and feeding of Sniders, Martini-Henrys, Webleys, Mausers, Krags and others.
g. Soldier's Life--Handy short bits for collectors and reenactors alike, dealing with, you guessed it, food, messing, rations, field craft and other need-to-know minutiae.
2. Items for Sale
a. General--This will include the various non-ration items or one-offs that we accumulate. This may include rifle brass in various hard-to-find calibers, mess gear, gun parts and bits of other equipment.
b. Reproduction Ammunition Boxes--Currently, we have 12-round Webley Boxes, 10 shot Mauser and 10-shot Snider Boxes/Bundles on the drawing board, along with some Imperial German Bandoleer kits and Luger as well as Reichsrevolver boxes.
3. Short-Termers
This will be your shot at International publication! We will publish one new article of 2,000 words (and up to 6 pictures) or less on a subject related to colonial wars, World War 1, small arms 1870-1918, military history of the time frame and other general military subject matter from the period. After one month, the article gets archived (if you so desire) for availability for another 6 months. No, we don't pay for the articles, no, we do not allow any extremist political or commercial plugs (left, right or otherwise), and we reserve the right to edit for length/spelling. Email us at rationquestions@hotmail.com if you are interested in submitting an article (and, if you have them, pictures). We have thousands of folks visiting our sites weekly, so, if you crave exposure, but do not want to hang out in the park with a trench coat... :-)