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The Austro-Hungarian Army of Emperor Franz-Josef of Austria were comprised of troops from no less than 11 vastly different ethnic groups, and thus provided a neverending challenge to the K.u.K. supply corps.

There were three standard rations for the Austro-Hungarian armies, one being the "Volle Portion" (Full Portion/Issue), the "Normalportion" (Normal Portion/Issue) and the "Reserveportion" (Reserve/Emergency Portion/Issue).

The "Volle Portion" was generally issued whenever there was no supply shortage, when troops were either in a secure and well-stocked rear area, or a static position, and included the following Items:

2 tins of ground coffee (Kaffeekonserve) of 46 grams (1.6oz) each (One each for Breakfast and Lunch)

400 grams (14.1oz) of Beef

140 grams (5oz) of Vegetables

700 grams (24.6oz) of Bread or

400 grams (14.1oz) of "Zwieback" (Not the standard German Zwieback of WW2 fame, but a generic term for a variety of generally round Army Biscuits)

This was supplemented with:

    1. Condiments
    2. -Salt 30grams (1oz)

      -Pepper or Paprika 0.5 grams (0.02oz)

      -Fat or Lard 20 grams (0.7oz)

      -Soup Seasoning (dry herbs) 1 gram (0.04oz)

      -Onion or Garlic 5 grams (0.17oz)

      -Vinegar 0.02 Liters (0.67 fluid oz)

    3. Luxuries

-36 grams (1.26oz) of Tobacco (Officers received an additional issue of 5 Cigars or 25 cigarettes)

-1/2 Liter (16.9 fluid oz)of Wine


The "Normalportion" was similar to the Volle Portion, but was more limited. It was intended for hasty preparation in the field during lulls in action or during breaks in troops movements. It had somewhat reduced proportions, specifically 40grams (1.4oz) less vegetables, only half the tobacco, no onion, vinegar or wine.

The "Reserveportion" was the Iron Ration of the Austro-Hungarian armies, and consisted of the following:

2 tins of ground coffee (Kaffeekonserve) of 46 grams (1.6oz) each (One each for Breakfast and Lunch)

1 Tin of Meat varying in weight between 200 and 400 grams (7-10.5oz), which could be Beef with gravy, Pork roast with Gravy, or Pork Loaf (late in the war).

200 grams (7oz) of "Zwieback", which could be in the form of 4 separate 50-gram packs of toasted bread, 2x100gram (3.5oz) packs of Hardbread or 2x100gram (3.5oz) packs of hard semi-sweet biscuits.

18grams (0.63oz) of Tobacco

30grams (1oz) of Salt in a small Salt Box

We would like to express our most sincere thanks to the staff of the Heeresgeschichtlichen Museum in Vienna, Austria.

Please let us know if you would be interested Austrian rations. At this point, we are contemplating adding a basic Austrian World War 1 ration to our line-up, which would consist of the Reserveportion.

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