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Chasing the French? Haranguing Boxers? Fighting the BEF in Flanders or the Russians at the Masurian Lakes? Better top off your Tornister with rations!


German WW1 Basic Ration Pack
The perfect item for the Grenadier on the 'go', and great to keep in your Tornister or Brotbeutel.
You get:
1 Tin of Fleischkonserve (Pork or Beef-Make Selction Below), in the classic round 300 gram ( 10.5 oz), bearing a standard German label.
2 Packs of Hartkeks (Hard Biscuit) as issued since the 1870's. These packs contain 5 biscuits each, which are wrapped in cello and then in an outer paper wrapper, which is closed off by the proper label as seen on German Bread rations since the Franco-Prussian war. Each pack weighs 125 grams (4.4 ounces).

Order No:  WWI005GE
$ 8.95 a set,
Choose Meat
or stock up for $24.00 for 3 sets (We all know how resupply at Verdun can get delayed...)
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Extra Iron Ration Components
Need a refill? Visiting a Kameraden's dugout, but not sure what to bring? Get your supplies one item at a time...
Your Choice of:
300gram Meat Ration Tin (Pork or Beef)
125 gram Hartkeks Biscuit packet (1)
Either Item only $3.75
Choose Item
Get 3 (mix and match) for $9.95
Choose Item
Get 10 for only $ 29.00! (Orders of 10 or more may take an extra week to process--Plan ahead)
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German WW1 Ginger Candy
Ingwerbonbons--Ginger Candy. One of the standard items carried by Frontsoldaten and Sailors (Especially aboard U-Boots-Not much tooth-brushing water to spare...).
This pack is a perfect copy of the "Kern" brand Ginger candy sold in Soldier's outlets and handed out in the rear areas ("Etappe"). Package duplicates the 1905-1918 variety of this brand, and contains the correct strong ginger candies. Not for the faint of heart, they are said to effectively hide a "Fahne" (Soldier's expression of Alcohol breath--'Flying a Flag').
A super add-on to your Waffenrock, display, brotbeutel, ration bag, or just to have next to your pipe and tobacco.
Those who have had the pleasure to still have met some German Great War Veterans will recall most of them smoking pipes rather than cigarettes, and always having Ginger, Menthol or Mint candies on hand, ready to share with any kid who would listen to a story of how it was at Doumont, Toter Mann, Verdun and Ypers.

Order No:  WWI007GE
$ 2.75/Pack,
or stock up---3 Packs--Enough to hit your tongue like a Green Cross Gas Attack)
$ 7.50

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