THE PEACE THAT WASN'T----------------Wars following the Second World War
Links More places to do a Recce' on the matter and more...
The Malayan Emergency----------Britain: 1--CT's: 0
French Indochina 1945-1954 Au Revoir Colony!
Vietnam War Rations -Upheaval from Within
Russia in Afghanistan
Troublespots in the making----------------Upcoming Articles
Links More places to do a Recce' on the matter and more...

Here are a few of our favourite links, sorted by conflict or topic...

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Australian Site about the Aussie's involvement
The Virgin Soldiers-Excellent Site by Vets for Vets
La Societé Historique de la Légion Étrangère (Reenactors)  (In case you got the urge...)
2nd REI French Foreign Legion (Reenactors)   (In case you got the urge...)
The FFL (As in Beau-Geste Action and 3rd World Hellholes)  (In case you realllllly get the urge... ;-)
Indochina 1945-1954 - Great site. Aimed at gaming but realllllly worth a look
Vietnam Reenactors--In the Ukraine! Cool site, neat info
Surplusrifle.Com - Jamie Mangrum's super site on Surplus guns! Do make sure to have a snack and drinks handy-You'll be there a bit!
P&S Guns and Militaria Gun Picture Gallery--Beautiful Resource!
Mike Kerrigan's Web Site-Full of Pictures of Rifles, Pistols and Bayonets
Moore Militaria--Loads of Vietnam War kit 
Knacker Squaddies QM Depot-WW2 Allied Rations-(Tooting our own horn...)
The Sportsman's Guide. Tons of cool Surplus, Shooting etc gear. Normally has Rations, Kit, Clothing, ammo etc. They have a buyer's club that let's you buy your kit and get it right away while making 4 installments--after getting the kit! Cool way to buy major items or cases of ammo.

Ebay Auctions--The logical starting point for searches for about anything dealing with militaria! Use the search field below to have a look at how fast you can find what you and your squaddies need in the way of kit!


Cheaper than Dirt--Super supplier with tons of goodies from the 30s-current issue. Lots of gun accessories and ammo. Use the search bar below to find what you need.


Kiesler's Wholesale--Ammo and shooting gear supplier. They do carry funky caliber ammo. Worth checking out, especially their Ammo Specials
Fiocchi Ammunition