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Vietnam War Rations -Upheaval from Within

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Vietnam War Rations -Upheaval from Within
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With a million and a half sites out there concerning every aspect of the Vietnam War, we decided to stick with rations, chow, pogey, and a bit of gear, while leaving the serious discussions to those who know more.
Our only political comment on the war is this: If you think the US fought and lost the war, think again.
Vietnam was a battle. The stopping of Communist aggression in Asia was the goal.
With the protracted war, losses and supply crisis after supply crisis, the war was actually lost by the Communists and won by the US led coalition of free countries
US involvement in Vietnam effectively prevented any future communist aggression in the region for over 30 years!
So, we would like to extend a heart-felt
to the fighting men and women of all armed forces who opposed communism in Vietnam. You are inspirations to us all!


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