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Introducing The RC4 Supply Depot


Well, with the barrage of requests and questions we have received, we decided to offer some French Indochina War era rations on a special order basis.


Please note that from receipt of order to shipping 10-12 working days may elapse, depending on the size and variety of the order.

We will primarily offer the following items:


1.Complete CEFEO ration packs (France’s version of the 24-Hour ration designed around ration components received from her allies after WW2).


2.Components of the CEFEO and Ration Pacifique (forerunner of the CEFEO ration), along with additional rations available via vendors in theatre or provided as morale support packages.                                        


We may add additional items, such as 7.5x54MAS ammo or brass as well as ammo box repros from time to time to this category, along with other “needful things” when fending of the “cafard” in Indochina.

Please note the following:


  1. Even though the ration items for sale are packaged by licensed facilities, we are not licensed food vendors and are thus selling the rations for “Display Only”.
  2. Items from the RC4 Supply must be purchased via the RC4 shopping cart (not related to Knacker Squaddies shopping cart).
  3. Also, please note that questions pertaining to sales of the French Indochina Rations, order status, etc., you should email us at

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