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Complete CEFEO Rations
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Complete CEFEO Rations


These rations are identical in form and filler with no cut corners to their Indochina War counterparts.


Please see pricing sheet below:

Ration CEFEO Menus


(Per 1946-52 packing direction--click here for a look)


Menu No.            Main Component:                                                                                               


No.1    Boeuf Bouilli (Boiled/Corned Beef-from Brit/Can/Australian rations)

No.2    Pain de Viande (Tinned meat—US/British/Canadian proc. pork or chicken)

No.3    Pâté de foie ou fromage (Tinned pâté <France>, or Australian cheese)

No.4            Poisson (Tinned Fish-US/British Tuna or British Sardines)

No.5            Jambon (Tinned Ham—British from 24-hour ration)

No.6    Poulet (Tinned Chicken in boxed tin—US 10-in1 ration)

No.7    Riz et légumes (Compressed dry rice (US Mountain Ration) & Beans (Brit)

No.8            Ragoût ou potage (Tinned ready dishes-Stews/Soups US/UK/Canada)



All contain:




Coffee (Sweetened white)-Some contain additionally tea or US instant coffee)

Fuel, Ration Heating (Can be British or –more likely –US)


Latrine paper



Tin opener, British, US, Canadian or wind-key style (menus 1, 2 and some menu 4’s)

Wooden spoon from US rations


Other components (varied by ration type) may include (no choice):


Cake confections (US or British)

Caramels (US)

Cigarettes (US or British, BAT, Camel or Players’)

Cocoa or lemonade beverage packs

D-Ration bars (US)

Hard Candy tablets (US/British)

Instant soup packs (French or US)

Midday Snack (British-From Compo Rat/PACIFIC)

Milk Chocolate Tablets (US/Canadian)

Mints (US or British)

Partial Dinner Unit (US-From 10-in-1 ration)

Pressed jam (British)

Sweets (US K-Ration components like Mary Jane’s etc)

Tropical chocolate packs or disks (British)



Ration Price:


INDIVIDUAL RATION, no choice of meal (whatever we have in stock) generally ships fastest:


$18.50   each  Add to Cart


INDIVIDUAL RATION, Your choice of main dish (and year on packaging 1946-1953)-Special Order-10 day minimum shipping delay


$22.50 each Add to Cart (specify meal in “remarks” when checking out).


Case of Ten Rations (Outer case is not marked, case refers to quantity). Assorted from all 8 menus. Yes, we will make an effort to not include a specific item if you request, such as Sardines, Liver Paste etc. PLEASE—Let us know what you don’t like at time of order.


$177.50 ($17.75/ration).

Case also includes Rations Supplémentaires. (Additional biscuit units, Tinned Coffee, Tinned Sugar—Supply Depot’s (our) choice).


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