THE PEACE THAT WASN'T----------------Wars following the Second World War
For a Few Piasters More...
The Malayan Emergency----------Britain: 1--CT's: 0
French Indochina 1945-1954 Au Revoir Colony!
Vietnam War Rations -Upheaval from Within
Russia in Afghanistan
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For a few Piastres more…


Addition rations and kit for the French soldier chasing the Vietminh.


Pain de Guerre Biscuits (100gr)            same as in CEFEO Ration $2.75 Add to cart


Pain de Guerre Biscuits (160gr)   same as in Rations Supplémentaires $3.75 Add to cart


Tinned Milk, Guigoz, 80gr Reclosable tin-Sufficient for 27 ounces or cup after cup of café lait. $5.95            Add to cart


Coffee Tin, Café Coloniale            50gr. Reclosable tin-Makes 1.5 liters of coffee $ 5.95 Add to cart


Cigarette wraps—These fold around a pack of smokes and are proper for your smoking enjoyment of your own smokes.


$.75 each, 3 for $2.00 Add to cart


Cigarettes. OK—We will need an age statement from you and a scan of your ID, but if you are hardcore enough to require Gauloise filterless death sticks (and we do warn you of the health risk of smoking and point out that these are for display only…) we can provide proper packs of Gauloise coffin nails in the proper 1948 buff-colored service wrapper for $7.50/pack. These are indistinguishable from the period cigs.


Emergency Ration (Ration de Secours No3=British Mark 1 with Tinned Chocolate Cake and French outer sleeve)  $10.50 Add to cart


Emergency Ration (Ration de Secours No6=British Horlick’s tablets/tinned with French outer sleeve)  $12.50 Add to cart 


Fuel Tabs (Pack with 3 tabs in one wrapper) $2.50 Add to Cart


Toilet Paper Aubagne 4-sheet wrap –ROUGH deal at         $ 0.75 :-) or 10 packs (if the Soup Chinoise is poisoned) for $5 Add to cart



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