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The Following arms were used by British and Commonwealth forces in Malaya. Please note that even though standards of equipment were normally tightly observed by British forces, this campaign turned out to be a test site or proving ground of sorts, leading to the development or discontinuance of various weapons systems.

Rifle No 1 Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk Ill*

SMLE No1 MkIII* Rifle .303 Caliber
Old, but still heavily used (No smart alec lady comments!)

Rifle No 1 Short Magazine Lee-Enfield Mk Ill* GP (Wire re-inforced Grenade Projector - See Note below)

SMLE No1 MkIII* GP Rifle, .303 Caliber
Shown here without its Grenade Projection Cup

Note 1:  The projection of mills bombs from the venerable SMLE wire-reinforced GP rifle turned out to be the safest means of getting short-range immediate suppression on the enemy. Even though platoons carried the 2" mortar, troops preferred the GP rifle as the Mills Bombs were time fused, while the always-impact fuzes of the 2" mortar were a hazardous proposition in triple-canopy jungle.  

Rifle .303 inch No 4 Mk I, MkI/II, MkII

No. 4 Mk1* Rifle .303 Caliber

Rifle .303 inch No 5 Mk I (aka "Jungle Carbine")

No5 Mk1 Rifle .303 Caliber

Carbine, US .30M1

US .30 M1 Carbine
"A Perfect Little Jungle Gun"

Carbine, US .30M2

Sarawak Rangers and SAS Officer in Briefing
Note the .30 M1 Carbines and SAS OIC's Ammo Pouches for same

Self Loading Rifle (SLR) L1A1

Submachine Guns:
Sten 9mm Submachine Gun Mark II 
Sten 9mm Submachine Gun Mark III

Sten Mk III Submachine Gun
Uses standard 32 round Sten Maganzines

Sten 9mm Submachine Gun Mark V

Sten Mk V Submachine Gun

Pistol, Revolver .380" No. 2 Mark I * and I**

Pistol, No. 2 Mark I** .38/200 Cal

Pistol 9 mm No 2 Mk I Browning

Machine Guns:
.303 inch Gun Machine Vickers Mk I

.303 inch Bren MG Mk II

BREN MkII Machine Gun .303 Caliber

.30 Machinegun M1919A4 US (vehicle/aircraft use)

There was a large variety of shotguns in use. These mainly were Browning A-5 types in 12 bore or other manufacturer's commercial copies. These were procured in a variety of finishes, barrel lengths and stock lengths, and are often seen in pictures of sentries and SAS patrol members. The 12 bore shotgun with buck shot pellets was considered to be one of the finer ambush or anti-ambush weapons.

Browning Patent Shotguns Commonly Encountered
Some even had sporting Poly-Chokes Installed!

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