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For re-enactors, collectors, exhibitors, educators, and others interested in the rations of World War II.

Welcome to our site of military history, rations and equipment.

As our name "Knacker Squaddies" indicates, we are a group of out-of shape thirty-something guys who collect and play with British military kit and weaponry. As we all enjoy either being out on the range, at shows or military history events, we have always tried to dress the part, lest we be seen as sensible people just out for a good day of sports and such.

Somewhere along the line, we went from wearing the occasional silly hat when shooting SMLE's and other fun Brit guns to sporting complete kit. Since there are few units portraying the Pacific campaigns in our corner of the Northwest Frontier (Pacific NW, that is... :-), we decided to represent a section of British infantry in the Burma Campaigns during WW2.  Read on by clicking the link below...



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Our original sites will now be separately updated, which means there will be additional articles, pictures and ration-related tid-bits, and some long-overdue R&D concerning some new offerings through the Knackers, which will include some rather difficult to find items, such as Italian and Japanese WWII ration sets, complete 2 and 3-day packages, Vietnam era rations, some Korean war era rations, and some exciting new developments for our air-soft friends worldwide who are reenacting more current affairs, such as Soviet Afghanistan era rations and such.

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