THE PEACE THAT WASN'T----------------Wars following the Second World War
The Malayan Emergency----------Britain: 1--CT's: 0
French Indochina 1945-1954 Au Revoir Colony!
Vietnam War Rations -Upheaval from Within
Russia in Afghanistan
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Hitler is Dead, Il Duce is a bad memory, and the Emperor is no longer a God--Time to live in peace, right?


WRONG! Stalin is stirring up the Russians, Mao is making the Chinese crazy, and worldwide everyone is either becoming a Communist or is having fits trying to fight them with all their might.


After all, fighting for this or for that is a perfect excuse to even some of those scores left behind in the ashes of the last big war...


Welcome to the minor (and not so minor) wars, uprisings, convulsions, emergencies, and, of course, police actions of the post war period. On the following pages, we hope to bring you pictures, portrayals and information about the men and women who fought, their kit, weapons and, since this is a certified Knacker site, their RATIONS! 


Remember: War is Hell-Police Action is Heck!

(Thanks Dave N. for that bit of clarification!)

On the following pages we wish to bring you a short history of the conflicts of the post-WW2 era, beginning with two defining events in the immediate post-war period, namely the successful British action against communist insurgency in Malaya and the not so successful French attempt to achieve the same in Indochina.
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