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Ammo and Small Arms Accessories/Dummy Guns:


.303 Tracer or AP Ammo


.380/200 Ammo boxes (full or emptycardboard-service Type)


.380/200 Ammo components (bullets only)


.43 Mauser Brass (boxer) and flat nose bullets


.455 Bullet Mold (hollow base) from RCBS


.455 MkVI Ammo or Ammo Boxes (cardboard-service type)


.577 Snider Brass (boxer) & Dies


.577/450 Martini Brass (boxer) & Dies


British 9mm Service ammo boxes (cardboard type)


Deactivated/Inert French and British Hand Grenades

and Rifle Grenades


Repro Winchester 97 Trench gun heatshield/bayo lug (Preferably cheaper than IMA..)


Dummy French 1936-1949 Sub guns or LMGs


Dummy Mark II Sten Gun

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