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Personal Kit/Clothing Items:




Ammo Boots or Canadian Service boots (ankle Boots), advise size available (Looking for size 12 Wide US)


Belgian 1950's camo Jackets


French 50's and 60's Camo jackets (Large Sizes much preferred)


Web Kit/Bags:


Brit WW2 Bergen style rucksack


Brit Pattern 44 Belts, ammo pouches, packs, side pouches, canteen carriers (no Danish ones :-), canteens etc.


French Leather Ammo pouches M1937 L and R pair (not post-war MAS 49/56 variety)

French M1935 Musette Bag
French M1935 Canteen
French ANP 31 Gas Mask Bag

French 1940's and 1950's Packs and Musette Bags




Ration related kit and original rations/pictures thereof/manuals


US Viet Nam era LRRPs rations


US Current Special Ops Rations


Case Quantity of Canadian IMP's (Yes, would like recent ones --No older than 2003)


British Helmets Mark IV (Large sizes 7 5/8 or Euro 60 and larger only)


French Helmets(Large sizes7 5/8 or Euro 60 and larger only) Both Adrian and 1951 Style Wanted


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Ammo and Small Arms Accessories/Dummy Guns


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